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About Yeovil Digital

Yeovil Digital is your digital college. This site has been created to support you in discovering the art of ‘live, life and learn’ here at Yeovil College and all that it means to be part of #TeamYC! Discover everything from post-16 options and our University Centre offer, to working for Yeovil College and our Night School programmes. There is something here for everyone, and we will showcase our fantastic offer through a range of pre-recorded videos led by our industry expert lecturers, including; taster sessions, takeaway tasks, career focuses, employer podcasts, our talking prospectus and so much more. Every single resource and video can then be downloaded to your virtual ‘goody-bag’ which will be emailed directly to you to refer back to. Yeovil Digital is aimed towards supporting people within the community who are looking to take their next educational steps, and is therefore appropriate to the following people:

  • Young people who are looking at their next steps after leaving school and students (and their parents) from Years 9, 10 and 11.
  • Adults (19+) looking to return to education, move to higher education at our university centre or undertake a part-time or professional programme.
  • Young people, current students or adults looking to move into an apprenticeship.
  • People looking for support from a careers perspective or seeking further information about the support we can offer.
  • People who are interested in working for us.

Yeovil Digital opens up endless opportunities of discovery, providing clear roadmaps of how to maximise potential, no matter where your starting position. With so much to show you we have not one but two virtual exhibition halls for you to explore. Whether it’s a college or University education you want, we have all the options in one place.

Exhibition Hall 1

Exhibition Hall 1 is ideally suited to people at school, including those leaving Year 11 in 2022, and their parents and guardians. In this space, you will start to understand that Yeovil College is a college like no other. Its purpose is to create a vibrant community where the number one priority of every member of staff is to maximise the potential of all learners, by providing them with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to support them during their onward career journey. We will springboard our students onto something bigger and better; a future which excites them. Through engaging, pre-recorded videos, campus tours, student case studies, masterclasses, lessons and taster sessions, this is your chance to immerse yourself in your preferred curriculum, before you even start your Yeovil College journey.

Exhibition Hall 2

Yeovil College University Centre provides the opportunity to study for a higher-level qualification, in a way that is flexible and local to you. Whether you wish to progress further in your chosen career, or simply have a passion for learning, one of our Degree level programmes could be the perfect fit for you. Choose from a wide range of courses, tailored to the local job market to ensure you leave us with an employable skill set. Yeovil Digital provides you with an online platform to explore what university level study is and what we can offer you at Yeovil College University Centre. Deciding whether to take the step up into Higher Education is not a quick decision, and so we have made it as easy as possible for you to explore, research and decide which path is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yeovil Digital is the official Yeovil College virtual experience. This is a research platform which allows you to explore, discover and investigate your future opportunities. We have made it as simple as possible, with easy navigation, broken into a sensible structure. This is your opportunity to discover the art of ‘live, life and learn’ at Yeovil College and all that it means to be part of Team YC.
We will showcase over 500 videos, case studies, testimonials, taster sessions, campus tours and course product sheets, which can also be downloaded and packed into your virtual goody bag, across every curriculum area - A Levels, T Levels, Vocational qualifications, Apprenticeships or our University Centre
Yeovil Digital has been developed on a bespoke external platform, making it easy to navigate through. It is entirely virtual and there will be nothing happening physically on the Yeovil College site. It can be accessed through any computer, tablet or mobile phone, that is connected to the internet.
We will continue to deliver a huge range of physical events, where there will be many opportunities to visit us on campus, talk to our expert teaching team and view our spectacular campus developments, including our new Institute of Technology and our state-of-the-art Health, Education and Science Centre. We will continue to invite all future students to information events, taster sessions and presentations. Yeovil Digital, however, has been developed to support your ongoing research, to help you to get ahead, provide a direct link into us, test and try masterclasses and practical sessions and get a general understanding of where you see your future career. To summarise, Yeovil Digital is a supportive, research tool, which will work alongside to enhance our physical events.
Yes, absolutely! One of the main benefits of this interactive platform is it has a messaging service. If you have a question all you have to do is click the ‘Message us’ button on any virtual stand and your question will be sent to a Yeovil College expert to answer.
No, every area is available and open to use. You are not limited by appointments, social distancing, mixing with others; it is all available for you discover. This is a research platform, designed to answer your questions and spark your curiosity. We have found that people have used this opportunity to explore every option available to them, searching through areas of interest, without the barriers of time or accessibility.
Yeovil Digital is open to anyone who is interested in post-16 education, whether at Yeovil College, or a different college. It will be of particular interest to those who want to compare options between A levels, Apprenticeships, T levels, Vocational programmes; for those who want to take a more detailed look at a particular subject or curriculum area; people seeking to learn more about life as a student or for those students whose ambition extends to university-level study. Yeovil Digital will be of particular interest to students from year 10 and 11 looking to take their next steps beyond school and is of equal value to their parents or guardians.
Yes, to access the virtual college, you will need to register your details but once registered the platform has unlimited access. Registration is a quick and easy process and helps us to understand what sort of subjects you are interested in so we can share appropriate information with you (should you want this level of support). Registration takes about 45 seconds to complete.
All you need is a device, whether that is a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
No, so long as you have an internet connection you will be able to access Yeovil Digital. It also works brilliantly on a mobile device.
Yeovil Digital will be available for the whole year - launching September 2021 and ending September 2022. Giving you unlimited, 24/7, 365 day access to Yeovil College. Once registered, you can keep visiting Yeovil Digital as many times as you like over the period of the year, up to September 2022.
Yes, you can download and keep all our information available on Yeovil Digital. You will have access to over 250 digital documents, including our prospectus, team sheets, subject sheets and mini guides, which you can download or add to your electronic goody-bag and refer back to, at a later date. You also have access to more than 200 videos, which can also be saved.